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3 Handy Tips from Commercial Painters

When it comes to painting your house, most homeowners will agree that it is cheaper to do it yourself rather than hire a professional. However, if you do not know how to go about this you will end up with an unprofessional paint job that you will probably grow to resent. So how can you save some money while still have a perfect paint job? Here are some handy tips from commercial painters that will enable you to do just that.

Which paint type should you choose?

There are two main types of paint: water based paint and oil based paint. Oil based paint has always been popular for indoor paint jobs as the finished product has a glossy sheen.

However, it is not necessary to use oil based paints, as there are numerous water based paint options that have been developed in recent years to achieve the same effect. In fact, most modern water based paints not only offer you the shine of oil based paints, but also they have less odor and can be wiped clean when dry. If you are considering a paint finish, you could choose from matte, satin or an eggshell finish depending on your taste.

Is primer necessary?

Contrary to popular belief, primer is not mandatory when embarking on a paint job. Commercial painters advise to use primer on three occasions:

  • if you are planning to repaint your home with a lighter color than that currently on your walls.
  • if your walls are badly stained and you would like to efficiently cover them up.
  • if your walls were marked up using spackle.

Generally, primer is used to ensure you have a consistent, neutrally colored surface to paint on. Thus, if your walls are already consistent then you do not have to worry about the paint adhering onto them correctly.

Which paint roller should you use?

A common mistake that people make is assuming all paint rollers work the same. However, there are two main types of rollers and they work to achieve different results.

The first is the woven paint roller. This is made from woven materials and rarely sheds due to the continuous yarn it is made out of. Woven rollers are best for painting smooth surfaces. The second type is the knitted roller. They tend to be high density and will hold a lot of paint. They are best used for textured surfaces.

These tips can help you on your way to a better paint job. If you would rather have a professional take care of the project, start contacting local services such as John Hersee Master Painter Pty Ltd.

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