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How To Run A Safe Community Concert

Running a community concert is a great way to attract new people into your community area and can be a good way to showcase the talent in your local area. However, even if people are not paying for the concert tickets, as concert organiser you are responsible for the safety of the patrons and the performers. Here are some important concert design aspects to consider.


Keeping the crowd safe requires a bollard configuration that limits access to the stage while not allowing the crushing of patrons. Bollards that can be easily dismantled can also let medical staff reach patients in the middle of the crowd quickly and easily.

Crowd Control

Hiring professional crowd control staff can both prevent issues and help manage small flare-ups before they become huge brawls. Ensure that the crowd control staff have distinctive uniforms so that they see each other from a distance and ensure good communication between all members of the team so they can call for backup when required.


Hydration, particularly in summer, is very important as the crowd temperature will be higher than the ambient temperature due to body heat. Hydration issues and heat stroke can be aggravated in patrons who have taken alcohol or other drugs.

Having free or cheap water on hand is a good way to ensure that crowd stays hydrated.

First Aid

For a small fee you can hire charity first aid providers such as St John’s Ambulance to provide onsite first aid support. This is particularly relevant if you are expecting large crowds or if your concert site is challenging for an ambulance to access.

Water and electricity are not friends

It’s important to do everything you can to prevent water getting into the sound equipment both for the health of your equipment and for the safety of your performers. You can place waterproof covers over the vulnerable areas as well as label the area to indicate it can not have any water contact. If your concert is in a park, you can also request the position and timing of sprinklers to keep the equipment and crowd from getting soaked.

Emergency muster points

You need to have clearly marked muster points so that you easily vacate the site in the event of a threat or dangerous activity. Get the performers or MC to mention the points to the patrons before the event starts. It might also be good to have the MC mention the points between sets, too. 


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