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3 Renovation Tasks You Can Complete With Plywood

Plywood is an ingenious material, which is made by gluing together thin layers of wood veneer with a strong adhesive, so the grain of each veneer is going in a direction perpendicular to that of the piece or pieces adhered to it. This method of grain-direction alternation makes plywood very hard to break, as it’s easiest to break a single veneer along its grain. There is no particular type of wood veneer used in this process, with species such as spruce, pine, and birch often being used.

Being a very versatile material, plywood is commonly used as a primary component to make a large variety of objects, from packaging to wind turbine blades. This versatility, along with its high cost-effectiveness, also makes plywood useful in a variety of home renovation situations. So, when renovating, in what situations might using plywood be a good choice? And what properties of plywood make this so?

Internal Renovations

When internally renovating your home, you should definitely consider using interior plywood as a construction material. Many types of interior plywood are specialized for aesthetic purposes, often with the more visually pleasing layers of veneer of its outside.

The stylistic value of plywood has only been increasing since the mid-20th century, when Ray and Charles Eames first decided to make a chair out of the wonderful material, which was previously used only to make splints.

Interior plywood is frequently used by architects, interior designers, and your average fashion-savvy renovators to make things such as kitchens, barriers, walls, bookshelves, and flooring.

External Renovations

If planning on performing renovations outside your home, using exterior plywood as a building material may be a very logical decision. Want to make improvements to your property like a patio, outhouse, fences, or even roofing? Plywood is extremely durable, relatively cheap, and good looking; after coating, exterior plywood should last many years.

Cladding Renovations

If you’re deciding what kind of cladding to use on the external walls of your home, you should seriously consider using cladding plywood. Plywood cladding can not only increase the aesthetics of your walls greatly, but can also increase the health and lifetime of your walls. Why have the dull, stock-standard external walls of your home exposed to sight, when you can coat them in a beautiful, hardy, and cheap wooden cladding like plywood?

Learn more about how you can use this material by talking to local contractors such as F.A. Mitchell & Company Pty Ltd.

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