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Common Issues That Must Be Treated By A Tree Service

Having a yard filled with trees can be a wonderful thing, but it also can require a lot of work. Trees are alive, and like anything that is alive, they are susceptible to certain types of illnesses, as well as problems caused by insects and even sometimes humans. It is important to have all of these issues taken care of right away by professional tree services in order to save the trees whenever it is possible. Here are some of the most common tree problems, and how to know if your trees are affected.


This is a type of fungus which, when left unchecked, can turn the leaves yellow. If you notice the leaves on your trees changing colors, and it isn’t the fall, it is time to contact tree services to have the problem diagnosed and treated. This problem tends to be the most common in oak trees, and is often referred to as “oak wilt”.


This is another problem that is common to oak trees, especially pin oaks. The leaves are not getting the proper amount of chlorophyll, which is what makes them nice and green. The leaves will turn yellow, beginning at the top of the tree. This is often caused when the soil near the tree is too acidic.

Stem Roots

You may notice that some tree roots are actually growing out of the ground. When this happens, they also grow around the trunk and keep water from getting beneath the tree. With a lack of water, the tree won’t be getting the nutrition it needs to grow and thrive.

Rhizophera Needle

This is a problem that is mainly seen in spruce trees. Fungus grows up the trunk and branches of the tree, turning the needles brown. You can tell that you have this problem if you notice your spruce trees are brown or spotty.

Japanese Beetle Grubs

There are many types of insects that can really do a number on your trees. Japanese beetle grubs can eat all of the roots of a tree, and as the beetles mature, they will move on to eat the leaves and the bark. This is one of the more difficult tree problems to treat, as these insects will eat from the bottom of the tree and work up from there.


This is actually a problem that you can avoid completely. All you have to do is refrain from cutting branches off the tree. When you cut them down to the point where there is little left, they are going to dry out, and they are not going to grow. If you need to have branches cut, have it done by a professional tree service that can do it without damaging the rest of the tree.

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