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Frequently Asked Questions About Precast Concrete

If you’re a developer who’s looking to put up a lot of building projects or you’re a civilian who is building a house, one thing you may want to consider is the use of precast concrete. Unlike standard concrete, precast concrete is made in a controlled facility and can offer you several advantages. So to bring you up to speed, here are some commonly asked precast concrete questions.

What Exactly Is Precast Concrete?  — Similar to prefabricated houses, precast concrete is a structure that is made in a controlled factory setting, then shipped to construction sites for immediate attachment. Precast concrete spans a wide variety of items such as retaining walls, bridge posts, water storage tanks, electrical vaults, pavements, driveways and foundation slabs. Unlike standard concrete, precast concrete is already finished and ready for installation when it arrives at a site. With standard concrete, the mix has to be poured and has to harden before it can be used in construction.

How Can Using Precast Concrete Save Money? — By virtue of the fact that precast concrete is already finished when it arrives at your construction site, you won’t be paying for additional labour costs waiting for fresh concrete to be poured and mixed on-site. This means that your construction can proceed at a much faster rate with precast concrete. In addition, because there’s a uniformity in the manufacturing process at precast concrete plants, material can be purchased in bulk at discount costs, which means that you’ll be paying less for the concrete. You’re also not a prisoner to the dictates of harsh weather when you use precast concrete, because it’s made indoors so the elements don’t affect the production schedule. Contractors work more efficiently because they’re assured that precast concrete has already been measured and will come together with precision based on computer-aided design models used in the building process.

What Design Options Does One Have With Precast Concrete? — There are practically no design limitations when it comes to precast concrete. You can have unusual shapes made such as straight or curved profiles or highly articulated or detailed etchings. You can also photo engrave images of people or animals on your concrete, have window shapes and door shapes cut into the concrete and add different hues and colours into the concrete that can mimic material such as granite, quartz or marble. You can also choose to have precast concrete treated with special dyes that allow it to change colours based on the temperature of the concrete.

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