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Benefits Of Having Polished Concrete Flooring In Your Home

For the longest time, concrete floors were relegated to basements and industrial spaces. They were not easy on the eye and were simply resorted to for their durability. However, polished concrete flooring is now making an entry into residential spaces. Recent technology has increased their aesthetic appeal, making them able to compete with popular flooring choices like granite and marble flooring! If you have some reservations, here are some of the benefits that should make you consider getting polished concrete flooring for your home.

They are highly sustainable

If you were striving to live in an environmentally sustainable home, the polished concrete flooring would be right up your alley. The sealed concrete has a very low carbon footprint. In addition to this, if the foundation of your home were made from concrete slabs as most home are, then you would not need any additional flooring material. All that needs to be done is have the foundation sanded before the sealed polished concrete flooring is installed. This is environmentally friendly as the compounds used for this have only trace amounts of volatile organic compounds so you do not have to worry about polluting the environment.

They offer you value for money

It is a well-known fact that concrete is one of the least expensive building materials that you could opt for. The truth of the matter is that concrete already comes pre-installed as flooring in most homes. What tends to happen is that additional layers such as vinyl or hardwood are incorporated to give the house a more comfortable feel to it. If you opt for polished concrete flooring, you will be cutting down on your building costs.

In addition to this, the reflective quality of the polished concrete decreases the need for excessive interior lighting. Thus, you also end up cutting costs when it comes to your utility bills. The floor also tends to stay cold during the sweltering summer months, thus decreasing the amount of air conditioning needed to keep the house cool.

Easy maintenance

Most traditional flooring options tend to require a rigorous cleaning routine if you anticipate keeping it presentable. Carpets needs to be vacuumed and washed on a regular basis. Hardwood floors need to be waxed to maintain their shine, and much more. With polished concrete flooring, all you need to do is mop it occasionally to get rid of the dust and grime. You also do not have to worry about scuff marks, as it is quite durable and resistant to scratches.

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