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What Causes Electrical Problems in Cars?

Newer models of cars are now heavily dependent on their electrical systems in order to function well. Systems that run entirely on electricity include navigation (GPS) systems, window and door opening systems as well as the car starter. When there is a problem in the electrical supply, these systems will fail and the car will stall. This article discusses the major causes of electrical failure in cars.

Dead Batteries

Auto electricians say that most electrical problems in cars can be attributed to a faulty battery since it is the main source of electrical power for cars. A battery may simply grow old and no longer be capable of holding a charge for long. In such a case, electrical systems will fail to work because they are not receiving ample electricity. For instance, the car may fail to start because the start motor is not getting the power it needs. Such a battery may need to be replaced with a new one.

A Defective Alternator

An alternator is a device in the car that helps to charge the battery while the car’s engine is running. When this device becomes defective (for instance, by having a cracked belt) the electricity in the battery will quickly become depleted and the car will stall. If you suspect that your car’s alternator has problems, call an auto electrician to look at it and advise you as to what can be done to solve the problem.

Blown Fuses

There are very many fuses in your car. These fuses protect various sensitive parts of your car, such as its computer, from being damaged when there is an electrical problem like a short circuit. If your car develops electrical problems, such as lights that won’t come on, your first line of action is to open the hood and check the fuse box in order to find out whether there is a blown fuse. It will have a characteristic burnt smell and when you identify it, get one of the spare fuses that are in the fuse box so that you can replace the blown one. If none is available, you can call an auto electrician to guide you on how to improvise until you get proper car fuses to use.

Electrical faults are very serious problems since they have the potential to destroy entire electrical systems in the car, or even cause a fire. It is therefore wise to have the contact number of an auto electrician, such as Thompson’s Auto Electrics, so that you get their professional help each time your car develops electrical problems.

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