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What Is Hydronic Heating and Why Do You Want it in Your Home?

Hydronic heating refers to a home being heated with water that runs through coils or small pipes under the floorboards. Rather than heated air being forced through vents and into a room, the floor itself becomes warm and in turn, the room is warmed from the ground up.

If you’ve never heard of hydronic heating, consider the many surprising advantages it offers for a home.

1. No dust being forced through vents

A home’s heating vents are notorious for containing dust, pet dander, and even droppings from mice and other pests. When your furnace pushes air through these vents it also pushes all that dust and debris with it and in turn, you breathe them in. With hydronic heating, the floor is heated from underneath and the heat simply rises. There is no dust or other bothersome allergens that are forced into the room so it’s a healthier choice of heating for a home.

2. You may actually feel warmer

When the floor is warm you can feel the heat on your feet and in turn, your body temperature rises. This means you feel warmer when you use hydronic heating versus forced air heating. You may be more comfortable overall even though the room temperature is the same.

3. Hydronic heating doesn’t dry the air

Blowing warm air through a room dries the air in the process, so that your skin feels dry during most winter months. In very dry climates you may also notice that your hair looks dry and even your eyes feel drier when you run the heat. Houseplants also suffer when the air in a home is dry.

Hydronic heating doesn’t involve air through vents so in turn the air is not dry and you feel more comfortable. Your skin will also be healthier because of not being exposed to this very dry air during the winter season.

4. Heating is more energy-efficient

Many homes have vents near the ceiling but heat rises, so that the warm air pushed through those vents tends to collect at the ceiling and stay there. This can leave you feeling chilled since the floor will remain cold, and you may simply turn up the thermostat and use more energy to increase the temperature of the room.

With hydronic heating, the floor is warmed first and the heat rises naturally so that each part of the room is more likely to stay warm. You’ll use less energy to warm your home and in turn, may see lower utility bills. Learn more about this system by talking to local contractors such as The Cool Guys.

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