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Decorative Concrete Ideas From New Home Builders

When it comes to concrete, most homeowners as well as commercial property owners tend to think of it as purely functional. This is largely because concrete is used as a pragmatic option rather than decoratively. However, this is not the only use of concrete. Although it is typically functional, it can also be aesthetically appealing. The basic structure of concrete when it is first laid down is quite mouldable. Therefore, it should not come as surprise that it can be used decoratively as well as functionally. Here are some decorative ideas for using concrete from new home builders.


This has become a popular area that one can find stamped concrete. There are numerous designs that you can choose from for your driveway, with the most popular being cobblestone and brick designs. If you would like your driveway to remain smooth, you can still have the concrete decorated with symbols or something understated that will still make a statement without it affecting the texture of your driveway. You also have the option of experimenting with a range of concrete colours if you would like to add a splash of colour to your driveway.


This is another area that will benefit greatly from stamped concrete. A number of new home builders are now being quite creative when it comes to the design of walkways with the most popular designs being the emulation of brick as well as multi-coloured stones. If you would like your walkway to look antique, the contractors can make the concrete mimic aged stone, thus giving your walkway some personality. If you would like to get an effect that looks authentic, you would be best advised to enlist the services of an experienced builder, as they would have much more expertise with stamped concrete.


Another common misconception that most people have is that concrete is only suitable for the outdoors. There are a number of new home builders who will disagree with this, as stamped concrete can be used in the house to come up with unique designs. If you are adventurous, you could have polished concrete floors that can be made to look like marble, tiles and even hardwood floors depending on the expertise of the contractor! If you have a specific pattern in mind, you could consult with your contractor to find out if it is feasible. You will be surprised at the many designs that they can come up with.

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