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Replace Your Old Toilet Handle And Rod With A New One On Your Own

All toilets need a handle and rod that work together to flush the toilet. When you push on the handle, it lifts the rod, which pulls on a chain that unplugs the valve to let water travel from the tank down through the toilet and your pipes. This is how a toilet functions, by releasing water into the toilet to push the water down into your plumbing pipes. A time may come when you need to replace the handle and rod for your toilet, as these can easily become eroded and damaged over time. You may even want a new look to your bathroom, so choosing a new handle seems fit. Whatever the reason, you can replace your own toilet handle and rod easily on your own.

What you will need:

  • A new rod and handle
  • A large adjustable wrench

Turn Off The Water

First, you need to locate the shut off valve for your water. This valve will be located near the base of the toilet, behind it. Turn the valve until the water supply is cut off.

Next, you need to remove the lid to the tank that stores the water. Be careful when you remove the lid—it is quite heavy and can easily break because most are made from porcelain.

Draining The Tank

Your next step is to locate the chain that is connected to the toilet flapper. Grab the chain and pull up to allow the water to drain from the toilet’s tank completely. Next, unclasp the chain from the toilet’s rod and lay the chain in the bottom part of the tank.

Removing The Old Handle And Rod

Look on the inside part of the toilet’s tank and locate a large nut. Once you have located it, you will need to use your adjustable wrench to remove it. Turn the wrench clockwise to remove it. This is because the threading is reversed on these particular nuts. Completely remove the nut and set it aside.

Installing The New Handle And Rod

Now you need to remove the handle and rod from the toilet. Simply pull the rod through the hole that it is already situated in.

To install your new rod and handle, repeat these steps backwards. Insert the rod and handle through the hole that you pulled the old one out of. Grab your nut and tighten it back into place by turning counterclockwise this time. Attach the chain back to the new rod and turn the water supply back on. Test your new handle and rod out by giving the toilet a test flush. You are completely done.

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