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3 DIY Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

Nearly every homeowner occasionally engages in some form of DIY project. The most frequent projects involve dealing with some kind of plumbing installation or repair job. Many of these DIY projects do not go as planned because the homeowner made a mistake as they performed the work. This article discusses some of those mistakes.

Wrong Pipe Selection

Many homeowners buy the wrong type or size of pipe for their DIY plumbing projects. This results in the plumbing performing below expected levels or developing problems a few days or weeks later. For instance, if you buy a pipe that has a smaller diameter than what the job required, that small pipe may burst because it will not be able to withstand the high pressure exerted by a large volume of water flowing through it. Avoid this mistake by doing some research about which types and sizes of pipes are ideal for which particular job. Providers of plumbing services are very helpful in sharing such information.

Use Of Makeshift Tools

Homeowners make this very common mistake. A makeshift tool may be acceptable if you want to reduce the gravity of a plumbing problem, such as reducing how much water you lose when a pipe bursts, but it is not good for carrying out a long-term plumbing installation. For instance, using a ball bearing to check the level as you install a toilet may give you inaccurate results and your toilet will drain slowly or even back up. Avoid this mistake by buying the right tools for plumbing projects. Tools like a wrench, plumbing pliers and pipe cutters can be bought online or in hardware stores so draw up a plan of getting all the tools needed to perform plumbing DIY jobs.

Not Turning Off The Water Supply

Some people think that it is a norm to look messy after carrying out a DIY job. Thus, many think it is okay for water to gush out of a plumbing fixture that they are repairing. What such people do not know is that what is happening is a result of a very common DIY plumbing mistake: forgetting to turn the water off. Learn from professional plumbers and turn the water stopcock off before you embark on your plumbing repair job. This will save your belongings from being messed up by the water that is splashing from a broken fixture, such as a kitchen faucet that has a massive leak.

Avoid the three mistakes above and your DIY plumbing will cost less and last longer. For more information, contact a professional plumber, such as The Plumbing Company.

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