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Things You Can Expect In A Height Safety Training Course

Construction work can be one of the most hazardous occupations because of the constant need to work at heights, so safety and proper technique is paramount. If you own a construction company, you may have to ensure the safety and protection of all your workers by hiring a height safety training company. If you’ve never had any experience with this type of professional, here are some of the important services these safety training organisations can offer you.

Heights Training — This is one of the most common services that a height safety training company offers. Anyone who works at heights can benefit from this training, which instructs you in all the regulations that govern height safety so that you know the procedures necessary to be in compliance with local laws. In addition, the course tells you in which situations you need a fall prevention process, the different ways you can access tall structures, the various types of height safety equipment on the market, how to check your safety gear to ensure that it doesn’t fail, how to maintain the safety equipment and how to implement height safety rescue. You will also receive a height safety training manual, and participate in actual climbing so that proper procedures can be taught and practiced.

Safety Audit —  A safety audit and risk assessment course provides your workers the knowledge necessary to determine if a confined space that is also located at a height is safely accessible. Typically, local Council laws require that you have a risk assessment document on hand prior to accessing confined spaces. A height safety training company can provide you with that assessment, taking into account the goals of the job, the practicality of entering the confined space, the dangers inherent in the work to be done and the establishment of safety and protection measures that mitigate all the risk factors of the project. The assessment must also include the procedures to be taken in the event that an emergency occurs, or workers need rescuing.

Height Safety Gear Rental/Purchase — Height safety training companies can also offer you gear rental and purchase. They have a wide variety of equipment necessary for the protection and safety of your workers. This gear includes harnesses, pole strap attachments, rope rescue system, which consists of a tripod and anchor point to help workers trapped at heights and lanyards with shock absorbers to arrest a worker’s fall from a height.

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