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Factors To Consider When Buying Secondhand Pallet Racking

Pallets are commonly used for warehouse storage of commercial goods. There is great importance attached to having the right kind of pallet racking in your warehouse or similar storage facility. Due to the relatively expensive nature of new pallet racking, a large number of warehouses and storage facilities opt to invest in second-hand pallet racking. This article discusses a few factors that one should consider before they invest in secondhand pallet racking.

The Width And Height Of Pallets To Be Used

It goes without saying that the most appropriate choice of pallet racking will be determined by the kind of pallets to be used with the racking.

The width of pallets to be used is of great importance as it will determine the appropriate size of racking required by the warehouse or storage facility. When fully loaded pallets piled on to the racking system, there should be adequate space between adjacent pallets to allow for stress-free loading and unloading of pallets on the rack.

It is also important to consider the final height of loaded pallets when choosing used pallet racking. This height of a fully loaded pallet is important because it determines the required height of pallet rack. The height of a fully loaded pallet can be used to calculate the required height of pallet racks according to the number of pallets to be stacked on top of each other and the size of the storage facility.

The Method Of Assembly

It is also important to consider the method of assembly used with your preferred choice of pallet racking. The method of assembly is an important consideration because it will determine how easy it is to put up or bring down the rack in accordance with changing warehouse needs. Pallet racks can be assembled using either snaps or bolts. Snap-assembled pallet racks are the easiest to put up and also the most affordable in the market.

On the other hand, bolted pallet racks are more difficult to assemble and more expensive than their snapped counterparts. However, because they are held together using bolts, these racks provide a higher degree of stability and are more durable than their snap-assembled counterparts.

Add-On Potential

Add-on potential refers to the possibility of having pallet racks supplemented with extra units that are attached to the used pallet rack. This allows you to have a greater amount of space for storage of pallets. Add-on potential in a used pallet rack can help to reduce the number of pallets required by the storage facility.

For more information, contact a business such as Pallet Works.

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In the Market for Data Cabling? Take a Look at Your Options

Communication has undoubtedly evolved and the possibilities are now limitless. Data cabling allows communication to take place from multiple locations to a single one. For instance, all the data processing from the individual small offices can be taken to the headquarters in another building.

There are plenty of data cabling options, so you need to identify the most suitable option for your home or organisation. The first step lies in knowing the available ones and their differences. Here is a breakdown on the types of cabling.

Fibre optics cables

Of all the different cables, this kind is one of the most fragile one but it compensates that for its extreme quality. Here you can have two options when connecting your network. The first is an ST connector that links the networking machine to the cable and then there’s the SC that’s solely used in connecting cable TVs.

Twisted pair

Most phone and computer connections use twisted pair cabling of copper wires. Here, the wires are twisted upon each other and this type of cabling has three main subcategories.

  • There’s the shielded twisted pair that has an extra metal shield on its outside to protect the cable from damage.
  • There’s the unshielded twisted pair which doesn’t have the outer covering and are these cables are more prone to damage but are extremely flexible.
  • The third subcategory is the screened twisted shielded pair. This one is the most durable but is extremely difficult to bend so try and avoid using it in areas of limited space.

These data cables are usually divided into categories starting with category 3 (cat 3) all the way to category 7 (cat 7). If you’re making your selection, try and pick the highest category that you can. The categories higher up are normally shielded and have much more bandwidth than lower categories. They also have higher speeds but you’ll need to dig deeper in your pockets for them. The cat 3 is almost running obsolete, found only in the old telephone systems. Here’s a look at some of the other categories.

  • Cat 5: Up to cat 5 cables, the twisted wires are only two. Cat 5e introduced twisting of four wires and is the most popular kind of cabling currently used. This cables made reaching gigabyte speeds possible. If you simply need to perform average office duties then cat 5 cables would suit you.
  • Cat 6: These cables are like the cat 5e cables and carry they even have similar maximum speeds. However, cat 6 cables have more bandwidth and are suitable in large organisations that have got many people. They are suitable for offices that are involved in more heavy duty practices like 3D graphics manipulation.
  • Cat 7: This is one unique cable because it’s the only one that’s screened. This makes it extremely durable and it reaches the highest speeds.

If you’re unsure about which option is best, consider consulting services such as Aardvark Electrics.

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7 Advantages of Opting for Glass Splashbacks

Are you interested in choosing a glass splashback for your kitchen, but are not sure if it meets your requirements? Then you should take the time to find out more about the advantages that they offer. In doing so, you’ll have the information that’s required to make an informed decision regarding if glass splashback is a sensible choice for you. Here are some of the top reasons why glass splashback should be in your kitchen:

  1. Resistance to heat: This material will not be affected by the heat during cooking sessions that last for hours, or even the whole day. This allows you to cook without worrying that the wall behind the cooker will become damaged, and therefore maintenance will be less of an issue.
  2. Reflection of light: Glass splashback reflects light more than any other type of splashback, and that in turn will brighten up your kitchen. This reduces for the need to have a lot of lighting in your kitchen.
  3. Luxurious look: If you want a look that is luxurious and inviting, then opt for glass. They are a perfect choice if you have gone for a kitchen that has high-end kitchen components.
  4. Variety of colours: You might think that glass splashback comes only in the transparent form. However, nowadays you can find glass splashbacks in a variety of colours. Therefore, finding an option that matches your kitchen’s interior design shouldn’t be a problem.
  5. Can be easily cleaned: After a session of cooking grease, oil and other types of unwanted substances tend to accumulate on the surfaces of the various kitchen components. Over time if you don’t clean properly then it can be difficult to clean all the dirt completely. However, when it comes to glass splashbacks, the cleaning is straightforward. That’s because most types of dirt can easily be scrubbed off without need for powerful chemicals, or lots of manual labour in the form of scrubbing.
  6. Made to fit: Glass splashbacks can be ordered to fit your kitchen exactly. All you need to do is ask for the units to be fabricated to your required dimensions. Therefore, if you have a kitchen that has a variety of components that the splashback needs to incorporate then a glass one can do so easily.
  7. Protects Walls: Glass splashbacks can be used to protect your kitchen walls from damage and stains. The glass will typically be made from a shatter proof variety that provides adequate physical protection. You can learn more about such details from resources such as Skeleton Glass.
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