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Top Reasons For Why Opting For A Mortise Lock Is A Good Idea

Are you looking for a lock to install in your home, but are not sure which one to choose? Then consider a mortise lock because of the various advantages that it brings to the table. By learning what these advantages are, you can make an informed decision regarding if mortise locks are the right choice for your home.

Passage function: Certain types of mortise locks can be designed with a passage function, which simply means that the door cannot be locked, and therefore no key is required. This type of mortise lock is ideal for installation on doors to children’s bedrooms because there is no chance of an accidental locking. They are also suitable for bathrooms.

Visually pleasing to the eye: Mortise locks are one of the more visually pleasing to the eye when compared to other locks, such as deadbolts and lever locks. That might be because of their old antique charm that tends to add some character to the overall look of an interior d├ęcor design. In particular they are a good match visually for homes that already have a variety of antique furniture.

Difficult to breach: Mortise locks are installed within the material of the door and this makes it difficult for burglars to breach them. The only part of the lock that is visible to the naked eye is the faceplate when the door is ajar. Then there are several levers and notches that make up the locking mechanism, and this makes it a difficult to pick the lock. It is advisable to select a mortise lock with 5-6 lock levers to have the added security benefits that mortise locks provide.

Dual locking mechanism: Say that you want to go to the store, but have children that you want to keep locked inside the house. You can do this with a mortise lock because of the dual locking mechanism. This type of setup means that the door needs a key to be unlocked from both sides. However, the disadvantage of this is the danger of locking people inside a home when there is a fire.

Variety of sizes: Fortunately mortise locks can be bought in many different sizes. This means no matter what kind of door you already have, you can find a mortise lock that can be installed. This is not the case with other lock types where size restrictions mean installation is not possible on some doors.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Air Conditioner Installed by Professionals

An air conditioner unit is an important investment for your home or business. At home, it will help you survive the hot temperatures and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. In the workplace, an AC unit will create a better environment for you or your employees to work in, boosting productivity. It also improves the environment making your workplace more attractive for your clients as well. However, getting an air conditioner isn’t all; you also need to make sure it’s installed correctly by an experienced technician. Here’s why.

Get maximum cooling by having your unit set up correctly

Although your AC may be sufficient to cool your premises, you may not enjoy these benefits if the unit is not installed as it should. In an air conditioner, the indoor unit distributes cold air into the room and gets rid of warm air. The placement of this unit is very important to ensure that your indoor space gets even cooling. An installation technician will be in a position to evaluate the air flow patterns in your premises and install the unit at a vantage location. This will ensure that you get ample cold air distribution from your AC.

Avoid damage to your AC unit during installation & use

Another reason to let a technician to handle the installation is to avoid damage. AC units can be pretty big, especially those used in commercial spaces. They therefore need to be handled carefully when in transit or during installation. Indoor units, for example, have to be mounted on the walls. This requires carful fastening to wall brackets to prevent the unit from falling off.

Outdoor units also need to be installed on a firm surface clear of vegetation and in an open area, preferably on a cemented block. This prevents debris that could damage the compressor from getting inside the unit. With a professional installation, you can be sure that all these factors will be looked into for the longevity of your air conditioner.

Some AC units need specialised installation

Not all air conditioners are the same. Ducted air conditioners need to be installed above the ceiling and behind the walls. They also require careful zoning of the premises for even cooling. For such a system to work efficiently, you will require the expertise of an installation technician to enjoy the full benefits of your AC’s modern technology. The same applies to reverse cycle air conditioners or split cycle ACs that also need special considerations during installation.

In addition to all the above, getting professional installation for your air conditioner saves you time. Air conditioning installation technicians have abundant experience and with all manner of AC brands and technologies. They can therefore get your new AC working much faster, saving you time as you move or upgrade your home or workplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions About House Re-Blocking or Underpinning

Re-blocking a house or underpinning a foundation means to add structural support around the foundation itself. Usually this is done when the foundation has cracks or has become soft due to water and moisture collecting around it.

Underpinning is a big job for most homeowners but it can be necessary in order to protect your home’s foundation from major damage, and from keeping this damage from spreading to other areas of the home. When a foundation starts to crack and shift, this can mean connectors around a home’s building materials can also come loose as they’re then holding more weight than they should. Note some frequently asked questions about house re-blocking or underpinning so you can determine if you need to have this done, and what to expect from the job as well.

1. What Are Some Signs That a Home Needs Re-blocking or Underpinning?

One sign that your home needs re-blocking or underpinning is when cracks are starting to form in the plaster of walls. As the home’s foundation shifts, the walls will shift with it and in turn, they may crack as they move. These cracks may also show up along the ceiling. Sloping floors are also common as these too will shift and change position as the home’s foundation shifts. Doors may also start to creak and not close snugly, and may also close on their own when you leave them open. All of these are signs that the home’s foundation is no longer keeping the home level and even.

Decay around the foundation of the home is also a sign that underpinning is needed, and you may also notice cracks in the foundation that grow over time. If you fill in cracks along the foundation and they continue to pull away from the filler, then underpinning or re-blocking is necessary.

2. Is There a Difference Between Re-blocking and Underpinning?

While the terms are often used interchangeably, there is a difference in the procedure used, depending on your home’s foundation. Re-blocking means that a home’s block foundation is actually replaced with new block, whereas underpinning refers to increasing the stability of a concrete foundation. This may be done with another layer or concrete or it may be done by inserting pins into the foundation, which in turn provides support.

The different types of materials and processes used is one reason that a homeowner would do well to leave this job to a professional (such as Australian Reblocking Co Pty Ltd), as they will need to assess the home’s structure and extent of damage to determine the right choice for adding support to the foundation.

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