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Posted by on May 26, 2015 in Uncategorized |

5 Great Reasons To Renovate Your Home During The Winter

Most people would not think about renovating their house during the cold wet winter months, and choose to wait for the summertime instead.  However, here are a number of reasons why you should revisit this belief.

1. Contractor availability

The best construction contractors are always booked up solid during the spring and summer months.  This means that your house renovation project could suffer from delays and fragmented work while you wait for contractor availability.  Contractors have a much more open diary during the winter time meaning that your renovation could be completed smoothly in a much shorter time frame.

2. More affordable rates

It follows that as builders and contractors have less work during the winter they may offer reduced rates or incentives to attract business so your renovation spend could be lower.  Also, winter sees the sale season in full swing.  That means cheaper bathroom and kitchen fittings and reduced-price decorating supplies can be taken advantage of.

3. Mess management

Householders traditionally avoided having renovation work carried out during the winter to avoid mess.  There were concerns about dust and paint fumes invading their homes when it wasn’t practical to have doors and windows open for ventilation because of inclement weather.

These days however, contractors are equipped with new technology like negative pressure fans and electrical tools fitted with super-efficient dust filters.  This means that mess can be managed effectively even during the winter.

4. Outdoor work may still be possible

If you are planning on having a conservatory or porch constructed and you live in a region where the weather is reasonably clement during the winter, a contractor may still be able to carry out this sort of exterior work.  Many areas have their own micro-climate, and don’t suffer from the extremes of harsh winter weather experienced in neighbouring counties or states.  This means that you can capitalise on your local climate while others nearby may have to wait until the better weather arrives to commence their renovation projects.

5. Take a break

If you have holiday entitlement left over at the end of year, you may have to take it or risk losing it altogether.  Why not plan your annual holiday to coincide with the renovation of your property?  You can get away for a couple of weeks’ break to escape the disruption at home while leaving your contractor free to get on with the work.  When you arrive home refreshed, the renovation work will be completed and you’ll have avoided all the upheaval.

In conclusion

The winter months can be a good time to get your home renovation project underway.  Have a chat with your preferred local contractor to discuss the best options. To learn more, contact a company like Vickers Home Improvements for help.