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Services Offered By a Land Surveyor

Whether you own a construction company, or you are a land developer, you may have need to contract with a land surveyor from a company like John C Bested & Associates Pty Ltd to maximize the success of your building project. To help you understand how these professionals can add value to your business, here are the services they can offer you.

Boundary Surveys — Land surveyors can provide you with boundary surveys, which is a process that certifies the dimensions of a piece of undeveloped property for building purposes. In some instances, a land surveyor may discover that there are differences between the measurements delineated in the Certificate of Title, and the actual dimensions of the land. In that case, land surveyors can perform a redefinition survey, which details the actual dimensions of the land. Land surveyors then create a document that is sent to the Land Title Office for review. In some cases, a piece of land that you want to develop or build on doesn’t have a survey plan, which means that a land surveyor will need to create a boundary survey for the property, or adjoining landowners can make a claim that the land is theirs.

3D Models — A land surveyor can also create a three-dimensional model of an existing structure, subdivision or piece of land. This can help make your new design plans more efficient, because the 3D model is flexible, and can incorporate your new ideas and show you a small-scale image of what the property will look like. 3D modelling is an affordable way to create new blueprints for your construction and development, using computer-aided design.

Topographical Surveys — Land surveyors create topographical surveys, which are also in 3D, but unlike 3D modelling, survey not only the land you want to build on, but all the major buildings, structures and residential areas that surround the piece of land. Topographical surveys are required for development applications, and are often the first step in gaining approval from city development departments. They are designed to help determine the impact that your development will have on an existing terrain.

Lease Plans — If you are building multiple structures such as an office building or a shopping centre, local Council regulations require a lease plan, which is either a lease of land plan or a lease or premises plan. A lease of land plan is required whenever you are building a subdivision. The lease plan must be created by a Registered Land Surveyor, and must include the purpose of each structure that you are building. A lease of premises plan is a survey of all the walls within a project in which tenants will be leasing space for retail or commercial purposes. Land surveyors can prepare both lease plans for your development.

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The Best Computerised Upgrades to Your Home’s Security System

A home’s security system today is usually about much more than locks and deadbolts on the doors. Today’s security systems take full advantage of computerized programs that allow you to control those features remotely, and which give you full access to your home’s security even when on the road.

If you’re not sure of the best upgrades to consider for your home’s security system, you don’t want to overspend on unnecessary features, but you still want to ensure your home and family are safe, note a few suggestions to keep in mind.

1. Remote locking

Today’s door locks can be connected to a switch that you control remotely. This allows you to lock and unlock the doors even when on the road. You can ensure that you haven’t forgotten to lock the doors behind you when you leave for the office in the morning, and that your children haven’t forgotten to lock themselves inside after arriving home from school.

2. Private web monitoring

Being able to record the images picked up by security cameras is not your only option today, as you can have a private, secure website show the images on the camera in real time. You can then easily log in from your smartphone or laptop and know everything that is happening in your house, as it happens.

Along with private web monitoring, you may also want camera control with your system. This allows you to control the direction and focus of the camera remotely, as you monitor your home. If you see something in the distance or in a corner that you’d like to check out as you watch the image on your computer, you can have the camera tilt, swivel, or zoom in and out with the touch of your mouse or with the swipe of a finger.

3. Remote intercom

In addition to being able to view your home when you’re away, a remote intercom can also allow you to interact with any visitors or unwelcome guests who might arrive. It’s not unusual for a potential thief to actually try to get a homeowner to the front door under some type of ruse, so they can assess who is home during the day and take a quick look inside.

With a remote intercom, you can talk to anyone who rings your doorbell, and if you note someone on your property who doesn’t belong there, you can alert them that they’re being recorded. This can scare off potential burglars while still allowing you to interact with legitimate delivery drivers, salespersons, and the like.

Learn more about your options by contacting companies like Border Locksmiths.

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Three Soil Tests Every Homeowner Should Do Before Starting Construction

A key element to the success of your building is the soil. If the soil is too loose then you may have to reinforce the foundation in order to prevent sinking. You can pay to have a professional conduct soil tests for you, but there are a few you can also do on your own. By doing the following three tests on your own, you can help determine what possible costs may go into the construction project you have planned:

Squeeze Testing

There are three different types of soil that you may find on your property. You can determine which kind you have by simply going to an area of your property, ideally where you plan for the construction to take place, and grab a handful of the soil. Squeeze the soil to determine the strength of the soil. If it holds it’s shape and crumbles when you poke it with a stick or your finger, it is loam soil.

This is ideal for gardening, but may need some work to be ideal for construction foundations. Clay soil is more suitable for buildings and other constructions with foundations and is identified by holding it’s shape and staying firm when poked. The final type of soil is sand. Sand is loose and will not hold its shape at all.

Drainage Testing

The last thing you want during the construction process or after your construction project is completed is to have issues with drainage. Not only is drainage important during seasonal weather conditions like storms, but it is also important if you have broken pipes or other water issues in the home. To test the drainage of the area, dig a hole approximately one foot deep and wide.

Fill the hole with water and allow it to drain. Repeat this step several times. if the water does not drain out of the hole into the surrounding earth, then you may have drainage concerns your contractor will need to address.

pH Testing

You may not think that pH testing is important for your soil, especially if you are placing a building as part of the construction. It is important if you plan on placing a garden, shrubs, or other plants around the building then the pH can be vital for their growth. In order to test the soils pH level, you will need to purchase a kit from your local gardening or hardware store. These kits will come with pH strips and soil testing guides to help you determine your pH level and if it is right for your gardening and landscaping needs.

These tests will help you determine what possible issues you may have prior to the start of your  construction project. If you are ready to get started on the project and discuss possible issues with your soil as it pertains to the project, then contact your contractor today.

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