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Myths Debunked By Plumbers

If you are a homeowner, chances are you will have to deal with a plumbing emergency at one time or another. However, you can decrease the instances of this by simply being more familiar with your home’s plumbing system. There are myriad of things people do thinking that it helps with the drainage in their home, yet these are what could be causing the problem in the first place. Here are some of the myths homeowners believe debunked by plumbers.

Your garbage disposal can handle anything

A garbage disposal system is quite convenient in your kitchen. However, it is wrong to believe it can handle anything that is thrown down it. Some of the substances that you should never pour down this system include cooking grease, vegetable oils and more. Although they may go down in liquid form, they eventually coagulate in the disposal system. Left unchecked, these will gradually form clogs in your disposal system. Other food items that should not be disposed of in this way include soft foods such as pasta, rice and some soft vegetables. They may not attach themselves on the rotors of the garbage disposal, but they will steadily accumulate at the bottom. This eventually leads to congealment and thus blockage. By watching what you throw into your garbage disposal, you are taking measures toward enhancing its lifespan and keeping it in good working condition.

You can clean your pipes regularly with citrus juices

One green cleaning habit homeowners have is using the juices of lemons or oranges to clean their drainpipes. Although this will give them a natural fragrance, you could be doing more harm and good. The acid in these citrus fruits is quite high. Regular exposure to this acid puts your drains at risk of corrosion and eventual rusting. If you would prefer a green cleaning method rather than opt for commercial cleaners, you are better off with a solution of vinegar and hot water. The hot water will loosen the grease whereas the vinegar will get rid of dirt without corroding your piping.

Low water pressure is normal

It is not unheard of to experience low water pressure from time to time. However, this does not mean that it is a passing phase and that your plumbing system is fine. There are various reasons why you could be having low water pressure ranging from blockages in your system to an unidentified leak. It is always best to seek the professional services of plumbers to establish the problem and remedy it before it becomes exacerbated.