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Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Uncategorized |

Important Factors to Note When Buying a New Carport

A carport can protect your car as well as any RV, ATV, lawn care equipment and anything else that needs some protection from the elements. They’re a very affordable alternative to a garage, or they can be installed on a property in addition to a garage. They can even be used as a patio area for outdoor entertaining. Before you buy a carport, note a few important factors to consider and to review with the installer so you choose the right style and know what to expect. 

1. The roof type

The roof type you choose will be determined by your budget and the level of protection you need for items stored under your carport. Most standard roofs are two simple panels that curve at the frame of the carport. This type of roof may be the most economical. A more costly option, but one that offers more protection, are roof panels that are connected to the frames and which don’t have sloping ends. These allow water and other debris to slide off the roof and away from the carport, whereas the roof style with curved sides allows the water to run by the sides of the carport.

When choosing a roof style, you also want to note the direction of the ridges. These can run side to side or back to front; if the carport is installed right next to your home, you may want water to run off the front and back of the carport versus the sides.

2. The cement pad

If you’re going to be pouring cement as a pad for your carport, be sure you ask your installer or the company from which you purchase your carport the measurements needed. In some cases the pad must be smaller than the actual dimensions of the carport, so the frame can be placed in the soil and not on the pad itself. In some cases, a carport can be installed over concrete, but it may require special anchors and this may be an additional charge.

3. What upgrades can be added?

Don’t assume you can easily add side panels to your carport or a gate for a barn-style carport, as a lightweight metal frame may not easily support added rivets and screws for these add-ons. It may be best to determine what upgrades you want rather than starting with a simple carport, and choose the right style that has all these upgrades and additions included. And you can read more about custom-designed carports to decide which additions or upgrades are within reach.