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What to Discuss With Your Roofing Contractor Before Getting a New Roof

Before you get a new roof installed on your home, ensure that you’ve covered every detail with your roofing contractor. This is because your new roof is meant to last for decades and can be an expensive investment, so ensure the job is done right the first time to avoid calling back the contractor after the job is finished. Note a few things to discuss with your roofing contractor before any work begins.

1. Type of roof to be installed

Don’t assume that standard asphalt tiles are your only option for a new roof, even if every home in your neighborhood has this type of roof installed. A metal roof may provide better insulation and last longer, and metal is easier to recycle than asphalt shingles. If you’re very eco-conscious, you may find recycled metal pieces that can be used for your roof or know that the roof you install now can easily be recycled in the future when it needs to be replaced. You might also take the opportunity to look at slate tiles, as these can enhance the overall look of your home and they too are very easy to recycle.

2. Solar panels

Since your roofing contractor will be on your roof and tearing up its surface to install your new roof anyway, you might discuss the option of installing solar panels. Many roofing contractors offer solar panel installation services, and these can cut down on your energy consumption and utility bills. You may even qualify for a government rebate or credit for the cost of solar panels, so talk to your roofing contractor about this option.

3. Energy efficiency checks

Many roofing contractors will offer an energy efficiency check for your home. They may note if there are cracks in the chimney that may be letting in cold air, and may check for drafts around windows. They may also evaluate the type of insulation you have installed and if an upgrade to blown foam insulation can better insulate your home. 

4. Other repairs

A roofing contractor may be able to repair your home’s gutters and downspouts and have you change them to something larger and wider, if needed. They might also make repairs to cracks in the chimney if needed. If your home needs a new roof, it may also need new gutters or may have an older chimney that is starting to crumble, so ask if the roofing contractor can make these repairs while they’re at your home and on the roof.