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How to Safely Remove Non-friable Vinyl Asbestos-Containing Floor Tiles

Nonfriable asbestos is basically asbestos that cannot easily be broken, crushed, or reduced to dust under ordinary circumstances. The following guide offers insightful tips to help you get rid of vinyl asbestos floor tiles while in a nonfriable state.

Recommended safety equipment

·         Safety glasses for eye protection

·         Respirator

·         Gloves

·         Coverall

·         Boots

Materials needed

·         Garden hose featuring a spray nozzle or a water sprayer

·         Thick plastic sheeting

·         Putty knives, paint and floor scraper

·         Plastic bags, containers

Step 1

Cover the entire doorway section, the floor registers, and other areas with the thick plastic sheeting to avoid contamination of those surfaces from asbestos fibers.

Step 2

The vinyl floor tiles ought to be kept moist during removal. Soak the floor section for at least 2 hours prior to the start of the removal process. This helps to slacken the tiles and thus helps create an easy removal task. Furthermore, wetting serves to minimize the chances of the deadly asbestos fibers from being discharged into the air.

Step 3

Place a flat floor scraper or a broad putty knife beneath the floor tiles and lift up the tiles one at a time. The pried up tile pieces should be kept in whole pieces and not shattered into small pieces to avoid release of the toxic asbestos fiber. Safely put the removed tiles in a separate container to avoid breakage.

Step 4

For projects spanning a very small section of one to five tiles, you may use either a heat gun or solvent to help take out the tiles. The use of a solvent demands that the area should be properly ventilated.

Step 5

Put the vinyl floor tiles in a tightly-sealed container and place a relevant warning sticker on the container informing anyone of the presence of asbestos-containing material inside the container.

Step 6

Find a landfill that is sanctioned to allow asbestos waste and be sure to ask about any particular packaging stipulations they may have.

In the unfortunate event that one of the vinyl asbestos floor tiles becomes crumbled or damaged, it is referred to as friable and there’s a high likelihood that it may release the poisonous asbestos fiber. In such a case, work should cease immediately and you should get in touch with a professional asbestos removal service provider. Friable asbestos containing materials should only be removed by certified contractors and personnel.