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Electrical Services That Can Protect Your Home

Electricians aren’t just able to repair electrical shorts, damaged circuit breakers, and malfunctioning outlets, they are also able to provide you with electrical  services that can protect your home against fire and theft. Here are some specialty services that electricians can offer you to enhance the safety within your house.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors—Electrical contractors can hardwire smoke detectors in your home so that all the detectors work off one circuit. This means that if a detector in your study is triggered, the detectors placed in all other areas of your home will also sound, giving you increased protection against house fires. In addition, electrical contractors can install photoelectric smoke detectors, which are able to sense any particles in the air that are the result of burning electrical wires, stripped electrical wires, or trace smoke from a smouldering fire. Electricians can install these specialized smoke detectors throughout your home to provide you with enhanced protection against fires that burn slowly before igniting into a large fire. Electrical contractors are also able to hard wire carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home that work off a single circuit and are fully integrated. Integration is important to prevent a situation in which you are in one part of your home and can’t hear a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector that has been triggered in another part of your house.

Motion-Sensor Lights—Electrical contractors can also install an entire motion-sensor lighting system for the exterior of your home. These sensors detect movement and activate floodlights to illuminate during the evening and night hours, and they act as a deterrent to home invasions. Electricians typically install motion-sensor lighting directly outside your front door and above your driveway so that you are safer when coming home late at night. Motion-sensor lighting works through the use of detection of infrared waves, which emanate from animals, humans, and vehicles. Electricians set a timer to the motion-sensor so that the sensors are inoperable when it is light outside. Motion-sensor lights are also available with an adjustable range setting to prevent what is known as ‘nuisance’ activation caused by things such as leaves or a vehicle that passes on the street in front of your home. Your electrical contractor may suggest that you place motion-sensor lights in all areas where safety is a concern, such as your back door, fence, patio area, deck, and even dark areas of your backyard that are covered by bushes and hedges.

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