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Keeping the Cost of Your House Extension Down

While building an extension onto your house can be a great way to add more space and to increase the value of your house, they can be quite expensive. When you are using the best materials and doing extensive work, it will not come to a cheap price. However, there are many different steps that you can take in order to reduce your construction bill without sacrificing quality in the process.

Many home renovations come in over budget, and now you will have the tools to perhaps come in under budget. Here is some of that advice.

Keep the design simple

Curves and corners are costly to build, so you should keep this in mind when creating your design. The cheapest structural shape is a square or rectangular area that has a pitched roof. You can create the design around many of the available off the shelf products that can be found. This means that you won’t have to get things such as windows and doors custom cut and fitted. You should always avoid using anything that needs to be made to order.

You should always use readily available materials and ones that are incredibly easy to use. This means you should use materials such as cast concrete as the sub-floor material, use concrete block in order to build the walls and a timber roof structure.

By avoiding building on or near complicated groundwork such as drains, sewers and trees, you will save yourself a lot of hassle and money. If your property is built on land that cannot avoid these problems then you have little choice in the matter.

Do it yourself as much as possible

Labour costs make up the vast majority of your construction bill. If you have experience doing certain related projects, you should do some of the renovation process yourself. Maybe you are a great painter or carpenter; you can do these tasks instead of hiring a professional to do so. The easiest tasks to do yourself are the landscaping, decorating and labouring.

Other simple enough tasks include tiling, fitting the kitchen and bathroom as well as fitting and fixing the architraves. Make sure that you are fully confident that you can complete the job to a standard that you and your spouse are happy with.

You don’t want to try and do some of the work yourself only to mess it up and have to call a professional in to rectify your mistakes. Therefore, instead of wasting time, energy and materials, call in a professional if you cannot do parts of the work yourself.

Talk with a contractor from a company like Destin Constructions if you have specific questions about building extensions.